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Alma Petroli, a new polymer-modified bitumen production unit will be soon on stream

Alma Petroli is waiting for you at Asphaltica (hall 11, stand B4)

Alma Petroli new PmB plant is now under construction.
The company is going to start manufacturing and delivering polymer-modified bitumen, in accordance with the requirements of EN14023, in 2022.

Polymer-modified bitumens represent a group of road paving binders specifically designed and produced to improve the durability of bitumen pavements and increase road traffic performance and safety.
The addition of an elastomer in the production process leads to a modification of bitumen, granting benefits in terms of bitumen properties (concerning resistance to deformation, cohesion, elasticity, and ductility) at high and low temperature services as well as durability.
Alma Petroli PmB will be also based on the SBS polymer type addition and on a proprietary process technology.

Alma Petroli

Regarding that, the company will present a speech titled: “Alma Petroli: bitumes, quality and innovation and others news about the polymer-modified bitumen launch in 2022, in the first Asphaltica workshop day (24 November, 17:00-17:45 • FORUM AREA Hall 11).

Come and visit Alma Petroli at Asphaltica (hall 11, stand B4)!

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