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Asphaltica organizers

The International Asphalt Industry Exhibition dedicated to equipment, technologies and road safety is organized by Veronafiere and Siteb - Italian Roads and Bitumen

Veronafiere - Trade shows & events since 1898VERONAFIERE S.p.A.

More than 1.1 million visitors, over 13,000 exhibitors, 760,000 square metres of show areas and stands sold, 71 events organised (47 in Italy and 24 abroad in 14 countries). These figures define Veronafiere Group operations for 2019, while achieving turnover of more than 105 million euros for the first time. These results confirm Veronafiere as one of the most important international trade fair promotion platforms for companies and professional operators.

The history of Veronafiere goes back to 1898, with the six-monthly agriculture and horse shows launched by Verona City Council. The “Ente Autonomo per le Fiere di Verona” was founded in 1930 and became Veronafiere S.p.A. in 2016 (thereby becoming an equity company).

Veronafiere’s strength is that it has always been the direct organiser of its events.
Vinitaly, Marmomac, Fieragricola, Fieracavalli and SaMoTer are just some of the highly successful products in a portfolio highlighting specialisation in value chains such as wine&food, agro-food, natural stone, design and construction equipment.
Over the years, the offering has been expanded to include other sectors such as heating with wood biomasses (Progetto Fuoco), custom motorbikes (Motor Bike Expo), as well as the worlds of art (ArtVerona), education and training (Job&Orienta), the biomedical field (Innovabiomed) and the organic food sector (B/Open).

Veronafiere’s operations have a strong focus on world markets through its international exhibitions organised directly in the United States of America, China, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, England, Holland, Mexico, Poland, Thailand, Hong Kong, Morocco and Peru. The wine sector is served by Vinitaly International tours, as well as the b2b Wine South America and Wine To Asia shows. Natural stone, design and processing technologies are the heart of the Stonexpo/Marmomac and Vitória Stone Fair/Marmomac Latin America shows. Abroad, Veronafiere can rely on a network of 60 delegates, a permanent office in Shanghai and subsidiary companies Veronafiere do Brasil, Veronafiere Asia Ltd and Shenzhen Baina International Exhibitions.

Veronafiere has implemented an increasingly virtuous and sustainable business model in environmental terms. It was the first exhibition centre in Italy to receive ISO 50001 certification and use 100% recyclable eco-certified aluminium and fabric fittings.
It also generates clean energy from more than 2,000 sq.m. of solar panels installed on the roofs of exhibition halls and is one of the top exhibition centres in Europe as regards recycling waste generated during events (in excess of 70% of total). The objective of reducing electricity consumption by 47%, gas by 52% and water by 17% has been achieved in just 10 years.

SITEB - Italian Roads and BitumenSITEB - Italian Roads and Bitumen

SITEB is a non-profit association that brings together across the board the main operators in the road and waterproofing membrane sector.

The only such organisation in Italy representing the needs of this sector, SITEB joins the forces of around 200 members, including companies, Public Administrations, authorities, laboratories and service providers, institutions and professionals.

SITEB is a member of several national and international organisations. It is one of the founders of IBEF, the International Bitumen Emulsion Federation. It is a member of ANCE (Italian Construction Industry Association), Confindustria, EWA (European Waterproofing Association), AIA-EMAA (European Mastic Asphalt Association), UNI (Italian Standardisation Authority) and AIPCR (Road Building Association). In addition, it takes part in the work of the European Standardisation Committee (CEN) as a member of the TC 227 Technical Committee for the standardisation of materials used in the construction of road paving.
SITEB collaborates with EAPA (European Asphalt Pavement Association) and, through its members in the oil industry, with Eurobitume (European Association of Bitumen Producers).

Since its inception, SITEB has come forward as a driving force for growth and modernisation of the asphalt supply chain. The association's main activities focus on promoting innovation of production and application techniques for bituminous binders and asphaltic materials, disseminating the acquisition of technical skills in full respect of the environment and the safety of workers and encouraging the adoption of the highest quality standards for production and application processes, often helping to draft standards, regulations and guidelines for the road building sector.

SITEB works in synergy with local and national administrations to promote progress and improvement in production, quality and environmental spheres of the road-building sector in Italy with the aim of ensuring sustainability, capillarity and quality of road networks as the basis for the growth and well-being of the Country.

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