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Asphaltica World 2015 closes in Rome

The next road infrastructure event is scheduled in Verona during the SaMoTer show

Asphaltica World closed after attracting a full-house of qualified operators. The Veronafiere event staged at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome brought together representatives of the world of infrastructures and entrepreneurs in the road building sector – a field employing 35,000 people (500,000 if allied trades are included) in 4,000 companies, 400 bitumen production plant and over 850,000 kilometres of paved roads.

The Conference programme at the new Asphaltica World was also fully booked, making its debut in the capital with more than 40 exhibitors: from road management in Italy for large and small public administrations alike, to new resources and technologies for the re-launching infrastructures and safeguarding the environment, including the recycling of asphalt and bitumen, through to innovative performance monitoring systems.

It was an opportunity to take stock of the market for road works in Italy and the work still to be done to ensure safer, more durable and more environmentally-friendly roads

The recycling of road surfaces was in the foreground, which still sees Italy as the tail-ender in Europe, while poor maintenance will require special investments costing 50 billion euros upwards to return to the levels of efficiency in 2006. The degradation of road surfaces continues exponentially with serious repercussions for safety: 1 out of 2 roads is at risk of an accident, according to Siteb (Italian Bitumen and Asphalt Association), organiser of Asphaltica World together with Veronafiere.

“The Show days provided businesses and operators the tools they need to deal changes taking place, making our know-how as and international trade fair platform available to promote companies,” said Luciano Rizzi, Agriexpo&Technology Area Manager at Veronafiere. “Exhibitors and visitors will be able to capitalize on contacts made when the event is next staged in Verona, alongside at SaMoTer.”

The appointment in Verona with Asphaltica, the traditional exhibition dedicated to road paving and infrastructure management and technologies, is scheduled 22-25 February 2017 in conjunction with SaMoTer.

Source: Veronafiere Press Service
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