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Trade sectors

Asphaltica is the reference event for the road sector in Italy and a highly specialised appointment involving the entire value chain


  • Materials and new technologies (bitumen, aggregates and products for asphalt)
  • Special mixes and eco-compatible treatments
  • Asphalt mixes and treatments for road safety
  • Polymers, additives, fiber, natural and artificial aggregates, foamed clay, rubber powder crumbs, stabilized blast furnace slag
  • Bituminous and textile membranes, geosynthetic grids
  • Secondary services, drainages, joints and sealing dopes
  • Technologies and components for geotechnics


  • Hot or cold mix asphalt plants, accessories and components
  • Paving machines, asphalt rollers
  • Milling / stabilizing and recycling machines
  • Stone crusher machines and equipment for scarification of paving and road foundation
  • Vehicles for carrying rollers, paver machines and equipment
  • Tanker and lorries for road haulage of aggregates, mix asphalts, emulsions and bitumen
  • Excavation, demolition, earth moving equipment and construction
  • Machinery and equipment for road construction and maintenance
  • Tyres
  • Heated tanks for bitumen and emulsion storage
  • Boilers and burners
  • Joints, supports and sealing


  • Combined equipment for spraying emulsions, bitumen and grit, road sweepers
  • Equipment for producing, laying slurry-seal
  • Machines and equipment for in-situ and in-plant asphalt recycling
  • Material testing laboratory equipment, instruments and software
  • Surveying and diagnostics equipment and instruments


  • Companies
  • Safety barriers, crash absorbers
  • Service areas, parking areas, bicycle paths
  • Prefabs
  • Washing
  • Systems and equipment for protecting operators’ health
  • Sign systems, road safety, traffic management
  • Laboratory of analysis and materials testing
  • Specialized press and media
  • Institutions, agencies, companies, technical and specialized services
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