The International Exhibition dedicated to technologies and solutions for road paving, safety, services and road infrastructures is organised by BolognaFiere Spa and SITEB - Italian Roads and Bitumen 


BolognaFiere Group's mission is to bring people and companies together to create national and international business opportunities, foster innovation, promote the circulation of best practices and the exchange of content and training.

Internationality and diversification are the strengths of the Group, which boasts an exhibition portfolio of more than 100 events per year in Italy and abroad, both directly organised and hosted.

For almost 40 years, the Group has been promoting and pursuing environmental sustainability objectives through international events and the development of events related to the promotion of the agri-food chain.

The Group is number one in Italy in terms of share of turnover and events organised abroad, and in terms of business diversification and territorial presence: thanks to the Henoto brand, it is also the national leader in trade fair set-ups sector.

BolognaFiere operates in 3 continents: Europe, Asia and America. It organises exhibition events in 12 countries around the world and in 10 it has a direct presence with its own offices in 16 cities, numbers thanks to which it is Italy's most international organiser.

It was the first Exhibition operator to open its own office in China where, through the company BolognaFiere China Ltd., it organises world-class events in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. It organises leading events in the United States, Russia and India.

It has a major presence in Europe, where in 2018 it acquired Health and Beauty, a network specialising in professional beauty and trade magazine publishing in France, Germany, Switzerland and Eastern Europe 

In Italy, BolognaFiere Group has its headquarters in Bologna, where it manages one of the most advanced exhibition centres in the world and the Bologna Congress Centre.

It controls and coordinates the activities of the ModenaFiere and FerraraFiere Congressi districts.

It is the industrial partner of the Nuova Fiera del Levante in Bari. 

SITEB - Italian Roads and Bitumen

SITEB is a non-profit association that crosswise groups the main players in the road sector  and waterproofing membrane sector

The only one in Italy to represent the needs of the sector, SITEB brings together and aggregates around 200 associates, including companies, public administrations, agencies, laboratories and service providers, institutions and freelancers.

SITEB is a member of several national and international organisations. It is one of the founders of IBEF - International Bitumen Emulsion Federation, the international organisation of bitumen emulsion manufacturers.

It is a member of ANCE - National Association of Building Contractors, Confindustria, EWA - European Waterproofing Association, AIA-EMAA - European Mastich Asphalt Association, UNI - National Unification Agency and AIPCR - Road Association.

Furthermore, it participates in the works carried out by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN), as a member of Technical Committee TC 227 dedicated to the standardisation of materials used in road pavement construction.

SITEB cooperates with the EAPA - European Asphalt Pavement Association and, through its members in the oil industry, with Eurobitumen, the European association of bitumen producers.

From the very first moment SITEB was created, it  has positioned itself as an engine for growth and modernisation of the asphalt industry

The association's main activities focus on the promotion of product  innovation and use of bituminous binders and asphalt materials and on the circulation of technical skills, respecting the environment and worker safety while promoting the adoption of the highest quality standards in production and application processes, often contributing to the drafting of standards, regulations and guidelines for the road sector.

SITEB works in synergy with local and national administrations to promote the progress and productive, qualitative and environmental improvement of the road sector in Italy with the aim of ensuring the sustainability, capillarity and quality of mobility networks, which are the basis of the country's growth and welfare.